Know Jesus?

Have you ever wondered where you came from? Well, of course you came from your parents, but where did they come from? Their parents and their parents and their parents… SOMEBODY had to be the first mommy and daddy! The Bible calls the first man and woman Adam and Eve! They were CREATED by God who has NO beginning and NO END! But WHY did He create them?

The Bible tells us that God created everything. In all of His creation He made one thing separate from ALL the others… He made MANKIND. US! He gave us the ability to CHOOSE whether or not we were going to love Him back. You could record your voice on your computer so that EVERY time you turned it on it would say “I LOVE YOU”… would the computer really love you? Of course it wouldn’t. The computer is just doing what you programmed it to do. But if there is a person that is really special to you and you REALLY love them and they REALLY love you in return, NOW THAT is something special, right?! That’s the way God is! He wants to be that special LOVE in your life!

UNFORTUNATELY – Mankind chose NOT to love God. They chose to love themselves rather than God. They sinned and it was the first selfish act. Because mankind chose not to love God, the perfect world God created was corrupted by SIN (our selfish nature)! That’s why sin separates us from God. The ugly part of selfishness is that even though it might momentarily make US feel good… IT ALWAYS HURTS someone else. That’s why God can’t have ANY part of it.

FORTUNATELY – God is a GOOD and LOVING GOD! Even though we DIDN’T love God, He chose to LOVE us ANYWAY! God had a plan to repair all the damage our selfishness has caused. He came to earth to show us how much He loves us by dying for us! We all have sinned at one time or another. Which means we SHOULD die and be separated from God because God CAN’T tolerate sin… He’s too perfect. But He LOVES YOU so much He decided to pay the price for your sins by sending His Son JESUS to die in your place so that you don’t have to! Now THAT’S true LOVE!!! AND the BEST part is, JESUS didn't STAY DEAD!!! Three days after being crucified and buried Jesus ROSE from the dead! He conquered DEATH and now has gone to heaven to prepare a place for those who accept Him as their Savior!

If you want to have a TRUE and LIVING friendship with the REAL CREATOR of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. The Creator that SPECIFICLY designed you with a plan and purpose, then all you have to do is ASK HIM!

Say “God, I know you’re real! I KNOW that I’m not perfect but I know that YOU ARE! I believe that you sent your Son, Jesus to die to take away the sins I’ve done and the hurt I’ve caused others. Lord I WANT to love you and I want to know MORE about the love you have for me. Please forgive me for my sins so that I can spend ETERNITY with you in Heaven.” AMEN!

If you made this decision the Bible says you are a NEW creation! Now that you’re a Christian you’ve gotta grow up HEALTHY and STRONG, so it’s important that you tell someone who can help you grow; like a local church that TEACHES FROM THE BIBLE! If you don’t have anybody to tell, YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL US. We’d LOVE to hear from you!!! Click HERE to contact us! Also - Here is a link to the church Edgar and Zackary go to! You can watch all the services online and there’s even two locations in Arizona to make it convenient to go on Sunday mornings! If you don’t live near this church we can help you find a good church in your area!

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